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"Interiors" Exhibit

Quercia Gallery in Duncans Mills, California exhibited five of my oil paintings on 6"x 6" panels. 

This exhibit features 34 artists each showing five images of "Interiors".



                             Thinking About It (sold)                             Best Friends Forever                                Any News?      


                                                             Which Goodie First?                                     Lunch

Sea ~ Land ~ City   Exhibit

I showed these nine 6"x6" watercolor paintings mounted on panels at Quercia Gallery in Duncans Mills, California.  This exhibit featured 12 artists each showing nine paintings:  three seascapes, three landscapes and three cityscapes.

It was a wonderful show to see.



                                 #1 sold                                                     #2                                               #3 sold                            


                     #4  sold                                                  #5                                                      #6 sold                            


          #7                                                            #8                                                #9 sold




  #10 sold                                               #11                                                #12  sold



#13 sold                                              #14                                                 #15 sold 



                             These three 6"x6" oil paintings on canvas were inspired by seeing them at McCoy's Cookware store just before she retired.



My paintings of cats were all exhibited in two shows (March and July) at Quercia Gallery in 2010.


Free Flight - Triptych Exhibit

Quercia Gallery in Duncans Mills, California exhibited three of my oil paintings on 12"x 16" panels.

Three Seasons


                                    American Goldfinch                            Yellow Warbler                        Golden-winged Warbler  



These paintings on panels are only 4"x 6".  They were done for Quercia Gallery's 25th Anniversary celebration.




Plein Air Paintings:

     There will be more to come since I'm going to focus on painting outdoors this summer and fall.





                Mini Paintings: 

These paintings are 2.5" x 3.5", oil on canvas and they have a mini easel for displaying them.


           Other Paintings:        







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